The Seeds – Pin Up Girls

I found these two videos that synchronize songs from The Seeds with some sexy dancing. The Seeds was a band from LA that got quite some fame around 1965. Garage rock, psychedelia and good sense of humor. Listening to them brings about a positive vibe. The videos you are about to watch are rather hypnotic. Especially if you are a man, you know…



This one is a great band coming from Chile. They started in 68 and released a couple of albums. They were to progressive for that time in Chile so they had leave their country. Mainly due to the pictures on their album covers. Their music could be classified as heavy-blues-psychedelic… I don’t know just check yourself and enjoy.


Night Beats

This one is a great psychedelic band. Coming from Seattle, their sounds is normally extra reverbered, extra delayed and extra distorted. I personally love to chill with their music. And this video… well, it’s quite surrealistic, a mix of cheech and chong and B series horror. Enjoy!


Workout – Bottom Barrel Boys

Here is Workout, a band coming from Brooklyn. This guys have surprised me with their songs, which are rock compositions that we are not used to hear lately. Long songs, amazing solos and great sing along choruses (!!!). Also, their videos are hilarious. You might think is a bit of a parody rock what they do but the quality of their songs is there forĀ  everyone to see.

…and the next one is epic.


Ty Segall & White Fence

Here is this studio session of the song “I am not A Game” from Ty Segall & White Fence. Ty Segall has been surprising me since I got to know about him. His repertoir is really varied. From acoustic psy pop songs to heavy distorted-guitar-rock. Always keeping a psychedelic (stoner) atmosphere and noisy at times. I am really glad that there is artists like him that are bringing back the sounds that never should have left! I think one of his last projects is called FUZZ, honoring the FX they use for the guitar in all of their songs.

(Check him out playin the guitar with a TV, I think nobody tried it before)


Black Lips – Introduction

I have been listening to Black Lips already for some time and I wanted to share some of their greatest music videos they have released. This band has fascinated me since the very first moment I heard their music. For me, they are the perfect merge of garageĀ  60’s rock and punk attitude. We need more bands like this!

Well, now the videos. First one I wanted to show is called Bad Kids. The riot images from Northern Ireland are priceless and they synchronize very well with the music.

Next one is the video of the song Family Tree, from their last album titled Arabia Mountain.

This one is “O Katrina”. Tribute to the people of New Orleans.

I wouldn’t like to finish this list without including this one, Sea of Blasfemy with footages from one of the craziest live shows (in Tijuana).